' AMV Group Tasting Policy - Afton Mountain Vineyards

AMV Group Tasting Policy

Our Tasting Room is a converted home in a beautiful setting and has limited capacity. The arrival of a large group overwhelms the room and our limited staff.  To ensure that everyone has the best experience possible, we host groups exceeding six people by advance prepaid reservation only in our Group Tasting Room (for tastings, reservations can be made for 11, 12, or 1:00 PM only) or the Pavilion (for picnics, reservations can be made before 2:00 PM).  No groups of more than 6 are allowed on grounds after 2:00 PM.

To make sure we have adequate staff and space availability, groups larger than six are required to make advance, prepaid reservations, which are confirmed by email. The fee is $15 per person, applicable either to a group tasting or 50% towards wine purchased for your picnics.
  • Please note that we send email confirmations to all group reservation holders.  Let your drivers know that they can ask to see an email confirmation before entering our property.

Rules of conduct for groups at Afton Mountain Vineyards

A group reservation requires extra resources in terms of staff, space, wine, etc.  In order to ensure that your visit is the best experience, we ask that you observe some basic rules of conduct on our property.
  • Virginia law prohibits persons from consuming any alcoholic beverages not purchased at Afton Mountain Vineyards on our property.  If any member of your group brings any “outside” open alcoholic beverage to our property, we will not serve anyone in your group, and we will require that your group leave our premises.  No refund of reservation fees will be made.
  • Under Virginia law, we cannot serve anyone who is intoxicated.  We will assume you are intoxicated if:
    • You are disrespectful or do not follow the directions of our staff.
    • You are otherwise loud or disruptive to the staff or other patrons.
    • You talk over your server as he or she is describing the wines during a tasting.

Our license and our livelihood depend on following the laws as written by the Virginia Dept of ABC.  We reserve the right to dismiss the entire group if even one member is deemed to have violated these rules of conduct.

Please call us at 540.456.8667 to set up your next group reservation!